Open Call for Residency Program in Wando, South Korea: Temporary jobs are available to support the activities of artists and activists
  • Subject Expanding the possibility of solidarity and cooperation for community, development through a public art project
  • Title Song of the Wind
  • Type of the project Socially Collaborative Art Project
  • Duration May 2022 - November 2023
  • Venue Yaksan-myeon, Wando-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
  • Organized by Jeollanam-do Culture Foundation
  • Supported by Arts Council Korea

Residency program summary


· Residency theme: Marine Ecosystem & Seaweed Farming


· Residency venue: Yaksan-myeon, Jeollanam-do, South Korea


· Time frame of first residency program: May – June 2023


· Time frame of second residency program: September – November 2023


· Residency length: One to three months.


· Discipline: all disciplines are welcome.


· Types: 1) artist residency, 2) participants in kelp farming need to follow the seaweed farming rule


· Average number of residents at a time: 10 people.


· How does the program support residents: Travelling expenses, accommodation, salaries for participating in village seafood farming, opportunities to develop relationships and work with local or regional artists/residents/organizations, also monthly payment for the labor of seaweed farming. The residency program will conclude with a public lecture (in person and online), and selected applicants will also be asked to contribute an essay for publication.


· Languages: Korean, English.


· Documents for submission (in Korean or/and English)

– Application / A written description of motivation to participate in this project, between 500 and 1000 words (Docx template, which we formed).

– CV (PDF)

– Portfolio (PDF)


· Application deadline: November 30, 2022, 11:59 pm (KST)


· Participant Announcement: Scheduled for December 19, 2022 (KST)


· Submission by email:

By foregrounding the diverse social functions of art, the project Song of the Wind aims to represent a new paradigm of artistic practice. Our vision is to connect sustainable fishing village practices, the marine ecosystem, conservation, arts, and social economy system with contemporary public art integral to the fishing village.


Song of the Wind residency program offers a space where cultural practitioners, ecological scientists, and creative thinkers can immerse themselves in their work and research through access to open spaces and beautiful scenery. The project seeks cultural practitioners to engage with the local community of a working fishing village and who will show empathy for the local economy.


We invite artists, ecological activists, and scholars whose work explores the theme of “marine ecosystem & seaweed farming” to apply for a 2023 residency in Yaksan-myeon, Wando-gun (South Korea).


Applicants who can undertake the two residency periods will be preferred. But the ability to undertake a single residency period can be considered. We would prefer participants to take part in more than a one-month residency period in a single residency period. Paid employment within the local seaweed farming industry is offered, and the selected applicants will be required to confirm the period that they can participate in seaweed farming at least one month before participation. This will affect the payment that can be paid for their labor.